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SalvaVita is your trusted partner in comprehensive healthcare. Our dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals offers a wide range of services.

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These natural compounds can serve for synthetic drugs and medicine.

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Our team of highly skilledoctors is dedicated to your well-being.

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We offer customized daily medical care, including both group and individual sessions to address your unique healthcare needs. During your medical appointment, our professionals will provide safe and personalized services to ensure your well-being

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Flexible and predictable pricing planes for your extended family

We offer both group and individual daily clinic services tailored to meet your specific needs. When you schedule a clinic service, our experienced staff will provide safe and personalized care for your well-being.


Standard Plan

  • Routine Check-up $80
  • Annual Physical Exam $120
  • Vaccinations $25
  • X-rays $30
  • Blood Tests $50
  • ECG $50


Premium Plan

  • Routine Check-up $65
  • Annual Physical Exam $80
  • Vaccinations $15
  • X-rays $15
  • Blood Tests $25
  • ECG $25
  • Injury Treatment $15
  • Stitch Removal $10
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